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Mahrukh Imtiaz gets content creators to reveal their online business strategies, income sources, killer marketing tips all the while staying authentic online, having a lot of FUN in the process, and avoiding burnout. So if  you ever wondered what other content creators are doing? Their journeys? Challenges? What motivates them to stay the course? Well then, you’re in luck. Because that’s exactly what the aim of Spicy Chai is.

A podcast for people who may allow their fears to get in the way of producing content.This global top-10 ranking podcast by your host Mahrukh Imtiaz interviews guests who are just a bit ahead of you on the content creation journey. They know the struggle, are often still IN the struggle, and are now here to help you on your path.

If you’re working a 9 to 5 and are wondering how to start a podcast as a side hustle, you need to tune in. Having been in exactly the same space that you are, Mahrukh is best suited to let you know how to succeed. Spicy Chai by Mahrukh Imtiaz is a podcast for beginners. You will get actionable tips and advice, discover challenges and find tons of inspiration to get you started with your own podcast journey.

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