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S1-EP023: Creating content as an Introvert with Kerri Jackson

S1-EP023: Creating content as an Introvert with Kerri Jackson

In this episode, I have a conversation with Kerri Jackson who is a CPA by profession and is now diving into the world of money coaching. 

In this podcast, we talk about what Kerri needed to quit her corporate job, how she creates content despite being an introvert, and how she made the decision to invest in a coach.

Enjoy the episode!

If you are someone who’s been thinking about starting a podcast and has no clue where to start, DM me the word “podcast” on Instagram and I am happy to point you towards some resources.

Highlights from this episode: 

[2:15] Starting the journey as a content creator
[7:34] Quitting a corporate job 
[9:49] You have something to offer
[11:10] Content creation as an introvert 
[22:00] Getting help
[22:45] investing in yourself
[29:26] Do what challenges you as long as its enjoyable 

Connect with Kerri:

A little bit about Kerri:

From a young age, numbers were just her thing. An aptitude for math led Kerri into a 15+-year career as a Canadian Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA ,CA). Kerri started her finance career at a mid-sized accounting firm in Toronto, Canada.

Kerri knew early on in my life that she wanted financial independence and the freedom to choose how she lived her life. Early in her career, she created a solid strategy for her money, focused on saving, investing and building wealth. She saved bonuses and pay raises until she accumulated over a million dollars in her portfolio. After achieving her version of financial freedom and independence, she quit her job and is now pursuing a life with the freedom to choose how she wants to live it. The freedom of choice is her big WHY.

And her mission is to help more people do the same – be strategic with their money and create financial freedom, ease and choice in their life.

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