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S1-EP025: Three Reasons Why You Should Start a Podcast

S1-EP025: Three Reasons Why You Should Start a Podcast


Hey beautiful – welcome to Episode 25! And let me start by saying you must start a podcast. In this episode I will be going through a number of reasons this podcast has been amazing for me and why you will be missing out if you don’t start a podcast.

The podcast has certainly changed my life and the lives of many other podcasters I know. Plus it changes the lives of the listeners and I can guarantee you that there are people in this world out there right now who want to hear from you. They need to hear your story. Or they need to hear a story from your perspective. Whether you have a business already or not, whether you have a following already or not. I mean I actually started a podcast to build my following and many people start to build a following and many people also start to grow their following.

So I will go into why I started a podcast and if any of these reasons resonate then let me tell you – you must start one.

Reason number 1 for starting a podcast: I wanted to talk to people in the area I was interested in but now everyone is bombarded with coffee requests and not a lot of people have the time and patience to get on a 15 mins call with you. A podcast is a platform that not only helps you talk to all these experts in the area of your interest. A lot of people reach out to you to be on your podcast. Because everyone wants to come on and everyone wants free publicity. And this helps you meet and talk to so many people – people you would have never talked to otherwise. 

Reason number 2 for starting a podcast: This is the only medium where I have episodes that are one hour long and people are actually listening to me for one full hour! Now imagine how much a listener will get to know if they spend that much time with you. I have people messaging me about things I mentioned on my podcast and it helps them get to know me a lot better. They get to hear my opinions, stories, perspectives about everything. It is a great way to build an intimate relationship with your audience. Think about it – no other medium puts you in their ear when they’re doing chores, driving, running , etc.

Reason number 3 for starting a podcast: Because I have a podcast, I got invited to other podcasts as a guest. And this has really helped get me exposure to other audiences. Having a podcast makes you very credible so you are more likely to be invited to other shows as a guest.

Reason number 4 for starting a podcast: Even if I had not gotten any other benefit out of this podcast, I have noticed that I have become a better, more confident speaker. And this is a skill that I can take to any area of my life.

So 4 reasons for starting your podcast: Get to talk to experts in your field, get an intimate connection with your listeners, get opportunities to be a guest on other podcasts, and become a better, more confident speaker. With that I will wrap this episode up.  This is my first solo episode on the show besides the intro episode and I am certainly thinking of making it a regular occurrence. Do let me know with a DM on Instagram @mahrukh.m.imtiaz  on your thoughts on the podcast today – I would love to hear from you!

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