Mahrukh Imtiaz


Christopher Nelson’s podcast reached the top 5% within 2 months of launching.

Aneta Maximized Her Podcast's Potential and Elevated Her Podcast to the Next Level with Mahrukh's Strategy, Tactics, and Best Practices

Tim Springer's podcast went from being stuck in a preview episode to having a podcast workflow that will take his show to new heights.

Brice was able to Apply Valuable Advice from the Free Session Alone...

Ghassan fast-tracks his podcasting launch with Mahrukh’s structured program.

Mahrukh transformed my “SOMEDAY” into “LAUNCHING THIS FEBRUARY 2024”.

Karan discovered the ways to be a better content creator alongside his 9-5.

Tim received guidance that extended beyond the realm of podcasting

Vince Maximized His Podcast's Potential as a Guest on Other Podcasts without even Having a Podcast

Personalized Coaching for Podcasters: Mahrukh's Insightful Recommendations Helped Me Grow My Podcast and Business

Ajita was able to Uncover her Mindset Blocks and Boost her Impact Despite Not Being a Tech-y

Pythia Transformed her Business Journey with Mahrukh's Tough, Yet Supportive Coaching Approach

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