Mahrukh Imtiaz

My life was picture perfect

Yes.. you know what this means….story time!!

I remember waking up and going to work, day after day, and feeling like I was meant to do something more…

I mean, I liked my job… but let's be honest, the opportunities to express my creativity were few. I wanted more than just being in a corporate role.

Outside of my work, people came to me for help all the time! I ended up helping so many people that I started to realize I had a few things to offer that people saw value in. I knew I had it in me to improve and enrich people’s lives.

But I didn’t know where to start

So I bought a few courses, reached out to a few people online and offline, and asked questions.

But then I started to feel the doubts. Am I not doing it right? Is anyone even looking at what I’m creating? What’s the point?

Or at times I had great ideas for content but then I wasn’t able to translate what I had in mind into my writing, which was super discouraging.

Deep down I knew I was scared – “What if I say something wrong?”

“What if I post constantly and no one likes or comments or reacts?”

I didn’t care about the strangers on the internet. I was more worried about my family and friends feeling sorry for me, especially with no entrepreneurs in my family or creators in my friend groups. Sure, people post on Facebook and Instagram here and there, but no one was really a “content creator”.

And the shitty part was every day that I delayed putting myself out there, I knew I was wasting time. I saw other people posting videos (that I wasn’t even super impressed by) and I was jealous of them (I hate to admit this but it’s true).

How do they just post?

How are they so consistent?

How are they building their brand?

Eventually I had to face facts – my fears weren’t valid. I knew that I could do it, I had proven that in my daily life already. And if I stuck with it, I knew there was a way more fulfilling life waiting to be discovered.

I knew I was more than this.

And now…

Despite my fears, I have established myself across multiple platforms this past year and have gathered an audience of 2000+ followers. I have invited 6-figure side hustlers on my podcasts and have been asked to be a podcast guest multiple times. I have surrounded myself with top performers (aka the friend group I always wanted but never had). And I have been told that I am pretty good at giving practical advice that you can apply right away.

And that’s what I offer to you.

Lets Connect

Consider me one of your close friends – the kind that’s in your corner giving advice, but it’s still ultimately up to you if you follow it or not. That said, I’m here to stay – cheering and supporting you no matter what path you choose.

DM me on Instagram or email me by filling out the form on this page.

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