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S1-EP002: How to do what YOU love and get PAID for it with Erin Baker – Part 1

“The more I accept all of me, the vulnerable parts, the powerful parts, the darks, the lights, all of that, the less I give a shit of what other people think.”

Erin Baker

#002 – In this episode Erin and I discuss how we can start creating the life we want despite all the fears we face. We talk through how we attract the right people through our content, how vulnerability can be bad and why we need to give ourselves permission to be imperfect.

This is part 1 of the two-part series. Hope you enjoy the episode!

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Highlights from this episode: 

[2:47] Erin: It baffles my mind on a regular basis that people pay me to do this work
[3:40] 90 day Facebook live challenge
[7:46] Feeling like there is nothing to say
[9:50] The curse of knowledge[12:42] Difference between I don’t like this because it’s not fun vs I don’t like this because I am afraid.
[17:45] Erin: I am in a place where I am very clear on why I am doing what I am doing
[22:07] Carry it as a rule that you post every day
[24:10] Quantity vs Quality
[26:11] Practicing vulnerability
[29:29] Erin: We can’t draw people to us if we are not willing to share our own stories

Connect with Erin: 

Shift Starters Podcast

A bit about Erin:

Dr. Erin Baker is a transformational coach and strategic advisor to high-performing, heart-centered leaders and entrepreneurs who want to make a positive impact in the world while also creating a life they love.
Erin exceeded the 200k revenue mark in 2020 from their coaching practice.
Erin hosts a podcast called Shift-Starters and runs a membership based Facebook group.

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