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S1-EP026: Combating the ‘likes-chasing’ Mindset, Learning about Trolls in Disguise, and Preventing Burnout as Creators with Mrs. A. Grace Martin

“Nobody is ever going to show you your worth but yourself”

Mrs. A. Grace Martin

#026 – In this episode, A Grace Martin and I discuss how to combat the ‘likes-chasing’ Mindset. We discuss trolls and I learnt about trolls in disguise, and then we get into preventing burnout as creators.

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Enjoy the episode!

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Highlights from this episode: 

[5:21] What got you started on TikTok? [6:45] How did you deal with the traction? [8:43] How to combat the ‘likes-chasing’ Mindset? [14:47] How did you figure out your niche? [20:58] What were your fears when you first started? [25:26]  Has creating content on TikTok been worth your time? [28:55] What advice would you give to content creators to prevent burnout?

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