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Victoria Melchor

S1-EP008: Finding Your Niche with Victoria Melchor – Part 2

“You just never know what’s in store for you when you are travelling the path of what your highest destiny or what your soul wants for you”

Victoria Melchor

#008 – In this episode, Victoria and I discuss balancing research and experimentation when it comes to creating content.  We talk through sprints, writing better copy and how to unlock your creative genius.

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Highlights from this episode: 

[2:00] Should we do some research before? Or should we just start creating?
[4:00] Example of Sprints for content creators
[5:28] How do you experiment, research, and take action at the same time
[9:48] How can you write a better copy?
[13:15] Your Niche could be your younger self
[19:15] Can one work on being creative?
[28:39] Advice to your younger self

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A little bit about the guest:

Victoria is a Growth Marketing and Conversion Optimization specialist and has been in the world of sales and marketing for the last 7 years and counting. Victoria is one of the bravest people I know – she quit her job in the middle of the pandemic while dealing with the grief of the death of her mom and her dog, who was 14 years old.

It’s not only her courage that is so attractive but also her ability to take shitty websites and turn them into something amazing. She designed my website!

Resources mentioned:
Free website Audit by Victoria

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