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Fariz K Ansari

S1-EP018: Dealing with Negative comments like a BOSS with Fariz K Ansari_Part 2

“Numbers are boring and monotonous. Apart from having a 9-5 job, this gives me something else to do. Something I actually want to do.”

Fariz K Ansari

#018- In this episode, Fariz and I discuss how saying no was a good strategy.  We talk through the importance of experimentation, what skills Tiktok has taught Fariz, and self-love and acceptance.

Enjoy the episode!

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Highlights from this episode: 
[3:07] Tried different things and started saying no
[4:00] Importance of experimentation
[7:00] Skills Fariz has learnt from Tiktok
[14:30] Playing it safe can be beneficial
[25:00] Advice for someone starting their Tiktok journey today

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A little bit about Fariz:

Fariz started his TikTok journey in 2020. He is already touching 20k TikTok followers and has 200,000+ likes! He posts consistent and fun content that gets a lot of engagement and he does that by being his authentic self. He creates content while maintaining a full time job as an Auditor. In his own words,  he is an auditor by day and fulfilling his acting dream through TikTok by night.

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