Mahrukh Imtiaz

Jatin Naran

S2-EP001: Entrepreneurship, Energy, And Intuition w/ Jatin Naran

“Keep adapting. Whatever is coming new, start doing it, start getting involved in it, that’s the way you can keep your brand going up and up and up”.


[S2-EP001] –  Jatin had 70,000 TikTok followers when I recorded this episode. Today, he has over a Million TikTok followers! Talk about growth!

In this episode, Jatin and I talk about his experience being a creator while handling a 9-5, his experience with monetization on Tiktok, and how he chooses to continuously invest in himself and his business, despite his fears.  

Highlights from this episode: 

[1:06] How he got started in business

[7:37] How to deal with burnout as an entrepreneur

[10:07] Dealing with anxiety and depression

[23:46] What will you say about the 20% things that have given you 80% results?

[24:27] How Tiktok has helped him grow everywhere else

[30:04] When did you know you needed help and who was the first person you felt you wanted to hire

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A little bit about the guest:

Jatin runs 3x 6-figure businesses and loves making videos about money and mindset based on his experiences to help educate and inspire others to live their best life. With over a million followers on TikTok.


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Mahrukh Imtiaz: Today, I’m honored to have a guest that I’ve been following religiously for the past year. At the time I started following them they had around, I would say 40,000 Tiktok followers when we’re talking about their journey to 1000 YouTube subscribers, I still remember that. 

And today, he has around 8000 Instagram followers, 15,000 YouTube followers and 700,000 Tik Tok followers. And I recently learned that they’ve just reached 1 million likes. Oh, and that’s not all. They run a podcast, while running various side hustles. Oh, and did I mention he has a corporate job? Wow. Welcome to the show. Jatin.

Jatin Naran: Thank you so much for having me. I’m flattered with the introduction. Because even I didn’t know I was doing that many things in terms of what I’m doing at the moment. So thank you for having me on this podcast. Appreciate it.

Mahrukh Imtiaz: 100%. And then like, I know, before we started recording, I even said, I’m like, I’m totally fangirling. And I want to say this on record. Because again, I’ve been following you. I’ve been watching you. And I’ve been watching you grow, and I 100% know all of your story. But for the listeners, what is your story? What got you started?

Jatin Naran: To be honest, it all started when I first came across the book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad. And it was a defining moment for me because the background I come from, it’s just you go to school, you go to uni, you finish everything, get a corporate job, work for 40 years and then finish. And I don’t know why. 

But since I was young, I knew that from inside that there’s no way I’m living my life like that. I never knew what was going to get me where I wanted to get. And when I read the book, Rich Dad Poor Dad for the first time, that’s when I basically start to think everything again in my life like, okay, the entire reality, which I have been in the matrix, if you want to call it that.

 It’s been completely weird and just fake I would say for me. So then I just started to look into property. That was my first thing I started looking to, I started to go to seminars, I don’t this and that. But the only problem with me during that moment was that I wasn’t taking any actions. I was just consuming knowledge, knowledge, knowledge, never took any actions. 

So that led me to basically become demotivated in a sense that because I wasn’t taking any actions, I didn’t get any results. And when you don’t take any actions, I mean, you’re not going to achieve anything at all. So there’s no point. So once that was over, I went back to a corporate job. So that’s when I got a corporate job. 

And I left my property, I left the hustling. And I just thought, you know what this hustling thing is so hard images stick to a corporate job, because life is much simpler. But I started the corporate job while I was at uni while I’m still at uni. And after a year, I just felt that you know what, to be honest, this is not what I really enjoy. 

All I really enjoy is the hustle and just taking risk. And that’s the kind of me if I just stick to a job nine to five, same day in same day out same kind of story every single day. That just wasn’t me. And so I started my journey again, trying to hustle try and property again. And when I started property again, I came across network marketing. 

And I was 20 years old when I first came across network marketing, and I never knew what exactly was network marketing and pyramid schemes. That’s what people know, in network marketing as and so I got into that for a month or so I done it. And it was a great life experience I had, it wasn’t a thing I regret, because because of that specific thing. It led me to this path. So after that, 

I flew to Budapest with my friends and I left network marketing and then I flew to Budapest. And after I came back, it was March 2020. The moment I flew back from Budapest to London, and I was lost. I was lost in a sense. I was kind of depressed, or it was the worst phase of my time. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I was just feeling so kinda like I wanted to achieve so much, but I didn’t know what I really wanted to achieve. 

Again, I was in phase one of where I started of everything. And then I’m like, you know, what do I really enjoy? What is the thing I love doing the most even in my spare time, and that was me talking to people inspiring people. And that was the kind of thing I haven’t done back in school. I kind of I went into the self discovery journey so I used to watch Jay Shetty I used to watch Tom Toms baidya.

Yeah, so I watched him and I just tried my best to discover everything. And then I came across my I would say the spiritual life when I started to discover the law of attraction, blah, blah, blah. But overall, I decided that you know what, let’s start Tik Tok. 

Let’s start Tik Tok, and just speak to people inspire people, because I always wanted to do YouTube, in a sense, like, I always done you too when I was 1415. But I never took it that seriously. And then I just started making tic TOCs. And I just started to do everything and just stayed consistent, I would say because if I didn’t say there were many times I didn’t want to pull out any videos.

 I just wanted to give up. I continued and it took exactly, I think around 10 or 11 months before everything just blew up for me in terms of Tik Tok. Now Instagrams blowing up YouTube blew up and yet that’s been my journey I could assure Did I just went too long, I went from the right start to end.

Mahrukh Imtiaz: I love it. I love it. And that’s why I didn’t interrupt you because I that’s what I want people to hear people when they go to your profile, they’ll see 700,000 Tik Tok followers, they don’t know what’s happened before tick tock, they don’t know what you’ve been through. They don’t know how you have to restart. 

So I think it’s so important for everyone to hear and listen, because again, this is all part of the journey. A lot of those other real estate things, they didn’t really help you get to success for your definitions. But they were all part of this that made you successful. There’s a few things you said there that I really wanted to touch on is you at some point went back to corporate because you thought life was simple with corporate. 

So many people, they choose entrepreneurship, because now it’s a cool thing, right? Oh, I’m an entrepreneur. And I don’t want to work this hard. I just want to be my boss. So I just want you to touch on that again, and how hustling is actually tougher than corporate.

Jatin Naran: I, I’ve said this many times, and I’m going to say it again, being your own boss is the hardest thing you will ever do working for someone else. If you think working for someone else is hard. Try being your own boss, try being disciplined to wake up, try being disciplined enough to meet the deadlines you have set for yourself. 

And I’m telling you, your mind is the biggest factor biggest enemy in front of you. If you don’t make your friend then just forget about being your own boss. Because when you hustle when you want to do something of your own, you have to be so disciplined. And that’s one of the hardest thing and people often ask me Jatin, how do you stay motivated to do this, and that, and 

I always tell them, I’m not motivated to do certain things. I’m just disciplined. And that’s what has led me to be where I am. And I’m not where I want to be. But I’m grateful for where I am. And that was due to consistency, being disciplined, and being patient. And that’s just basically what led me

Mahrukh Imtiaz: 100% 100% Because like even someone who does a corporate job myself, you can leave your corporate job, sometimes in the evening, sometimes in the weekends, like you know, and there are times you can but there are times you can but with entrepreneurship, I don’t think there’s been a single second where either 

I’m not too hard on myself, like, oh, I should be doing more. Or I’m thinking of the next idea. Like there’s never disconnect. I sleep thinking about this. And I wake up thinking about this. Anyone listening to this big, big, big nugget here, do not go into this because it’s cooler or less work. It’s actually way more work.

Jatin Naran: And in terms of how your mental mind is always going to be working 24/7 Even like today, for example, there’s a match between India and England. Room? Yes. Match, right? I’ve been watching the match. But while I’m watching it, in the back of my head, I’m just thinking of, Oh, damn, I need to get this tick tock, 

Oh, damn, I need to recognize, Oh, dang, I need to do this. It’s like, that’s the reason why they say like, as an entrepreneur, you’re more likely to face depression, and just mental exhaustion burnout. And that is when once you become a little bit experience in the entrepreneurship field, you can have to balance both life of how having fun and hustling is important.

And I guess now I’m in the phase of figuring out that balance, because burnout are one of the worst things I face as a hustler. Because it’s just me when there’s a phase where I just feel like nothing’s working out in my mind. Maybe that was a phase which I’ve overcome. And now I become stronger from that phase. So I can handle those phase properly. But for many people, burnout once you hit one, it’s going to be a life experience.

Mahrukh Imtiaz: 100%. And do you mind like breaking that down? How did you know? Like for people who are starting off because they don’t sometimes they like I don’t want to burnout? What is that? So what what is a burnout look like for you.

Jatin Naran: So for me, there’s been many burnouts. But the way I define a burnout is that it comes after two or three months of constant motivation pumped up to do content. And then something just hits something hits incense of, maybe you’re looking at the numbers, and the numbers are not growing, maybe you’re looking at certain things, and just nothing’s working out for you. And you just can’t think of any ideas. 

You just can’t express your feelings enough. And you just keep everything inside. And you just don’t feel good. You just don’t feel motivated enough to do something. You just feel like you know what this thing is not for me, let’s just leave it on the side. I’m just going to relax and I just don’t want to do anything. 

And you’ll feel like crying you feel like just Yeah, it’s one of the worst feelings. I guess. I don’t know if I describe the world, but you will automatically know when you are burnt out. When you use all your energy, you will know the feeling automatically without anyone having to tell you that you need to take a break, you will know that okay, 

I’m going through this phase. But one important thing about burnout is that always remember when a burnout comes, it does go as well. So that’s why I always say it’s never like this or never like that. It will just keep going like this and you just have to keep going and keep going.

Mahrukh Imtiaz: So what are some of your systems to deal with that as an entrepreneur?

Jatin Naran: The way I deal with it is most of the times I just keep going even though I don’t want to I just keep going and sometimes I take a break like as I said the biggest burnout I had was this year February, when I had to take a break from social media for 30 days. 

I decided to take one but I only took it for 15 days because after 15 days, I was fine. I went back to my roots of going for a walk going just in the morning Waking up properly, and just trying not to think about social media. And I guess taking small breaks is important as well. 

And that’s why now I try and record my things and schedule everything in like within two days. So then the other three days or four days I have, I’m really overworking myself to making sure that I need to get this sometimes to get done. I just get everything done. And then I know that for the entire week, this this is will be done. So that’s the way I kind of now deal with it.

Mahrukh Imtiaz: Right? And pre planning and batching. That’s pretty big. It’s something I do as well. And I’ve heard so many people say no, they just like winging it, and all of that. And personally, I feel when you have so much going on, you can even get like you have to pre plan and back somewhat. So I agree.

Jatin Naran: And you might be able to do it. If you’re doing a lot of things you can like, as you said, you might be able to do like recording here and there. But burnout comes quicker. When you do it like that. If you pre plan it, I guess it’s just much simple. 

Your head isn’t stressing that much every single day. It just for the first two days of the week, I have to stress a lot to make sure to get this right, get the script, get this this and then don’t don’t record everything. Cool. That’s done. 

Now I can go to my corporate job. Now I can do my uni work. Now I can do this that on that. But I know my videos are coming out every single day. Right? It’s basically simple math for me.

Mahrukh Imtiaz: I agree. And you mentioned depression there. So I just want to talk a bit about like, what is your support system? When you deal with anxiety? Or when you deal with the summer? Do you have like people you reach out to do you have masterminds? How does that work?

Jatin Naran: I realized that always share with people and I can’t stretch enough. I used to never share anything. But then once I reached a stage when I’m like, You know what, I’m trying to be strong when I’m not in no one strong enough to handle depression by themselves. So always reach out to someone who’s close to you, 

I have a close friend I just bought, I just bought everything. Even though I’m a person who’s always motivating others. There were times I felt that and I guess that’s what kind of made me stronger now was that sharing with others is the best way to deal with depression. It’s not that they will make you feel better. 

But once you take it out from yourself, it’s just it’s really if you are fully relieved, and you just feel so much better. And I guess that’s I guess the best way I have dealt with it, there isn’t something. Meditation is something I do on daily basis, in the morning, sometimes at night before sleeping. 

So I didn’t do it regularly. But now for this entire year since the start of the year, I’ve been doing on consistent basis. So that’s one thing which has really helped me to just be this active for this year, especially

 I really liked that. And you mentioned that there were so many periods of times where you wanted to just quit. So I just kind of want to touch base on that a little bit. Like what were some of your actual fears when you were starting? Like what are some things that really stopped you?

Jatin Naran: When I started, I guess the factor of what people will think about me was always there. It wasn’t that big for me. But it was there. I know for that when I started and when I used to get 10 people liking my videos, because I remember I started a brand new Instagram account with zero followers. And I used to have around 90 followers, when you I think started following me or something, I think it was around that much followers. 

And I used to post them and I knew most of those people were my friends, my close people, and they won’t say in front of you. But some people might have in the back of their head like oh, look at this guy doing this and that. But I always knew that the openness doesn’t really matter to me, because this is my life. And I’m going to keep going. 

And I kept self affirming that and that just led me but the biggest thing which made me want to quit in the middle was haters. As a content creator, I thought it wouldn’t affect me. But I wasn’t around 25 to 30,000 followers on Tiktok and tick tock was a very toxic place back in the days. It’s not enough for me, but it’s a super toxic place because people just come there, leave a hate comment and leave. 

And when I first started to get few haters, I was fine. But once your video goes viral, there’s a lot more haters and you you kind of don’t know like even though there were 100 Good comments, those five hate comments will just stick in your mind and we’ll just keep making scenarios upon scenarios and whenever I try and think of different types of content I get those haters in my mind that okay with these kinds of people watch my videos and that was the phase when I’m like holy 

Damn, what should I do? And that made me want to quit several times but after I wish around 50,000 follows haters and me it’s like my best friends now I love when they comment on my videos. I know how to deal with them, especially the way I would say you should deal with them is always try and smile with them or when they hate on you smile and laugh so much that they will learn from and so that’s that’s the way I just do it. And as Gary Vee says just show empathy and just show gratitude and happiness and they will just leave from there. And that’s what I try and do.

Mahrukh Imtiaz: I love that yeah, I’ve actually gotten this from Gary V’s book as well like every time I get a hate comment I just literally write back so much love for you like bro so much love presets like you know, it’s just it’s literally I’ve seen Gary Vee do that and I feel like they never respond back to that. Like it’s just like the perfect like I have so much love for you. You just gave me so much hate but I have For you,

Jatin Naran: Definitely. And that’s, I guess, the best way out there. Because if you’re gonna go fight back with them, then basically there are two idiots fighting each other and no one’s gonna win the series.

Mahrukh Imtiaz: And we spoke about some like those fears and the fact that you took action anyway, I think it’s very, very important for listeners to hear that, that people have fears and they still take action. Yeah. But to ask you, what are some of the fears you’re dealing with right now? 

Like, now you have a complete different playing field. Right? So it’s like, it’s a bit different than when you started. So just for people to listen to, like, what are they? What is something that comes up when you get a bit bigger?

Jatin Naran: That’s a really good question. Really, really good question, I guess, to to, they’re not fazed. But they will always be the one is thinking of the next content, the next content? Okay, what will work? What will work and you’re always in the cycle of okay, will this work? Will this work? Will this work? And so thinking of that, in the back of the head is always like, 

Okay, I have got now it’s 678 videos, over to 3 million views on Tik Tok. Will this next video be that will the next video be that and it’s hard to think of the content and there are expectations, there is no expectations. 

But for yourself, there are certain expectations you just have to meet. So that’s one kind of thing. And the second biggest one, which I often get this in my head is that I don’t want to die out in terms of there are many content creators, I want to be that person who is around for 10 years from now, as in there are I don’t know, 

I can’t give an examples. But there has been many content creators in the past, who popped off back in like 2019. But right now you don’t even know them. So I just I want to make sure that my personal brand is known even 510 years from now, and it’s just not dead in there. Like people have to find me or something like that. That’s kind of like, how do I make sure that my brand doesn’t die? That’s I guess, the second fee, but other than that, I’m Oh, Gucci.

Mahrukh Imtiaz: I love that. And so like, have you now that you’re at that other stage? Have you thought of like investing in a business mentor? Or like, are you in masterminds? Or is it like, I’m still rolling, and I’m figuring this out with my, let’s say unofficial mentors,

Jatin Naran: I think for now, I’m just going solo, just going solo. But eventually, I will need to have some type of mentors who are bigger than me in this field, who can give me guidance of what to do how to do it. 

And definitely I will need to invest more in terms of mentorships and everything. But for now my goal is just to try and grow as much as I can by myself. Because I’m a solo man. Even though I’m an editor and everything, I have a good team of one or two people, but everything else, 

I’m just a solo man. So I will try and grow as much as I can with what I can do. But the time will definitely come. And you never know it might be seen or it might be not seen. But we’ll see about that.

Mahrukh Imtiaz: Yes, I’d really like that. And that’s kind of the response I usually get from people as well who are somewhere in the middle of their journey, because they will kind of want to see what more they can learn how they can just kind of continue to drive solo. 

Few things. I do want to touch on a few things that you said earlier. You mentioned hate comments. And we talked about that a bit. But there’s there’s also another thing where you get no comments, you know, like 20 minutes or 30 minutes in a video editing and everything. And then you get no comments at all. Did you deal with that? And what do you have to say to people who who are dealing with that currently?

Jatin Naran: That’s a good question as well. So I will start off with getting no comments. When I first used to put out videos, I always told myself that even if I get no likes, no comments, I’m fine. I’m just doing it. Because I might reach to one or two or three people. But then eventually, as a content creator, your goal is to reach out to as many people as you can. 

So when there is no interaction with the videos, it does kind of feel like okay, I’m putting in the work. It’s been good one month of me putting out content to three months. And still I’m getting no response. And when that happened with me, I guess it was my mistake. And I was telling myself or it was the truth that my content wasn’t good enough. 

And that is the truth. Because if I was to be in your position, and you’re watching my videos, will I watch my own videos? And some of those times the answer was no. Because the quality what I was saying in the video was amazing. But the way I was delivering it, it wasn’t something entertaining, or it wasn’t something so nice for me to hear.

 Because there are other hundreds of content creators out there. Why would someone want to listen to me so then I started to go look at other people within my niche where I was making videos and just scroll through the videos and see what works and what doesn’t work and then get inspired from those videos. 

Because if you’re going to try and recreate the video or just go on take the video and be like, oh yeah guys, this is this and that. No one really gives a damn about you. And that’s what happened with me in the start. So when I didn’t use to get any comments or this and that it was fine. But once I started to do the things which I told myself look at other people what they’re doing, do what works. I started getting follows, but then it started to become that take at one point it was just for over five or six months, 

I was gaining 1020 followers a day before I used to get like 100 200 300 followers for one month nonstop. How’s a damn, that’s a lot. But then as you start to decline, you kind of feel like, oh, nothing’s working. Why am I not like getting any followers this and that. 

And that’s the main moment, you have to remember that be grateful for this amount of things you have be grateful that 20 or 100, people are liking your video. If there are no people liking it, you’re definitely doing something wrong. If there are some people liking it, then it’s time to be grateful. But then always remember, how can we make sure you make your videos better?

 You make your videos more interactive? Is it your energy? Is it the lighting? Is it the camera? Is it the angle, I’m recording it? What is it, and that’s kind of I kept working on kept working on and now it just works.

Mahrukh Imtiaz: I think that’s gold for people listen to that the good balance between gratitude and also being very authentic and being very real, like, hey, maybe you’re getting such great content, like I think that’s where people struggle a bit. But it’s also like, Hey, this is the truth, be humble enough to accept that and learn from people who are doing.

Jatin Naran: And the thing is like, gratitude is always going to be there, you have to be grateful you, you can’t, even if you’re getting no one, it’s fine, but you’re a content creator of grow. If you want to grow, if you want to reach out to more people, that’s your main goal, then you have to work on it, you need to see numbers. 

So even for me, before, I never cared about the numbers, but once you start making videos over and over again, and you start enjoying the process, then you want to reach out to as many people as you can, if you’re not growing, be patient, you will grow, be grateful that you have this many followers. 

But then at the same time, you have to make sure you’re looking and you’re focusing on growing and growing and growing. And you have to just know the right balance of being grateful and growing at the same time.

Mahrukh Imtiaz: For sure. I want to take a bit of different face into the interview now and just kind of when I say interview, I really mean conversation. And we’ve talked about your YouTube channel a bit. We’ve talked about tick tock, you’re also doing a podcast right now, those are multiple things that you are currently juggling, along with so many different things. 

Why have you taken that approach? Because so many gurus out there high profile people say focus on one thing, do one thing, make sure you’re really good, and then switch. So what do you have to say about that?

Jatin Naran: So I heard that for many people as though like, as you said, many gurus out there say that you can’t multitask. You can’t do this and that. But you just have to know your personality. If you look at Gary Vee, he loves doing multiple things. He can stick to one thing. He said to himself as well. 

And so when I listened to this gurus, I was like, oh, yeah, why am I just doing so many things. I’m trying to be a jack of all trades when I just can’t stick on one thing. And then I started to cut down on things I was doing. So I started to just two things. But I wasn’t getting the kick enough. Because I was just doing something. And then I had so much time and I’m like, 

What am I doing? Why am I just sitting around. So I realized that I’m just the type of person who loves doing so many things, who loves keeping myself busy. But I guess what people don’t understand is that I’m able to do all of these things. 

And I’m able to do this many things is because I love what I’m doing. So it’s just the way I work and just the way I do it. And I started to realize that not everyone’s like me, because when I tell my friends that I do this isn’t that there was like, who should get in how to do all of these things. And in my head, then I started thinking I’m like, 

You know what, not everyone can do this many things at once. And it’s just a matter of who you are and how you can do certain things. So you just have to try and find out how much you can do at once. If you’re a person who can just do one or two things at once. 

Fine, stick to that. If you’re a person like me, who loves doing multiple things, because it’s fun for you to go ahead and do that. But when you do so many things at once burnouts will come quick. And that’s the one thing I wanted to just put that out there.

Mahrukh Imtiaz: 100% not only burnouts, but you drop a lot more balls as Gary Vaynerchuk says, like, for me, that happens a lot. I’m very similar to you. I need to do multiple things at one time. And that’s what made me resilient enough to become okay when things don’t go according to plan or like when things fall through the cracks. 

Even though I would say I’m super organized metta. Everything is just kind of like not judging yourself and being empathetic like okay, well I’m dealing with 214 things if 15 of them fall, it’s okay, so totally, totally can see that. And given that you are juggling so many things, what would you say and this is totally taken from Tim Ferriss Tools of Titans, what will you say at the 20% things that have given you 80% The results? 

Jatin Naran: I think my making videos has got me everything else what I have got right now because it was just me creating content, which gave me the opportunities of monetizing it which gave me the opportunity of reaching on other brands and just getting other brands to come to me I would kind of say just making content on Tik Tok has helped me to grow everywhere else. 

So it was like to grow my entire personal brand 20% of the entire thing I’ve done most often from what I would say it’s from tick tock which has given me all the 80% of the results overall. So I would say content creation has been the one which has given me all the results. Yeah.

Mahrukh Imtiaz: And what was your first monetization opportunity from Tik Tok?

Jatin Naran: Fom Tik Tok. It was actually the Creator Fund, which I joined back last year. And then I left it and because people were saying it affects your views and blah, blah, blah, but in reality, when my friend spoke to he knows a person from Tik Tok, and he just asked, that doesn’t really matter. And she said, No, absolutely no, not at all. 

So around three or four weeks ago, I got back into the creative fun, but after the creative fun, I was not making any money from Tik Tok at all. Even when I had the 70,000 followers, I did not so for 10 months at all, didn’t get anyone reach out to me, not even one person. 

But after I reached 100k, there’s been brands now I declined, because it doesn’t meet the audience I want. Like, it’s not something I want to promote to my audience. So it’s a thing I’m super grateful for. But it’s been a blessing for me, I would say. 

But once I went over the 100k mark, because you can join the creative marketplace on Tik Tok, when brands can reach out to you, but I have had brands reach out to me directly from my Instagram as well. So they message me on Instagram, and then we work together. So it’s been amazing.

Mahrukh Imtiaz: Yeah, that sounds great. So I guess like 100k is the sweet spot currently. And that might change. Yeah,

Jatin Naran: And also cause of Tik Tok, the audience who went to my YouTube, once I gained on 1000 followers and 4000 watch hours. That helped me to monetize my YouTube as well. So it allowed me to make money from YouTube while doing the things I enjoyed the same time as well. And so tick tock led me to a lot of things. So I would say tick tock is the best platform out there. Although it was very weird in the start. Now, I’m super grateful for it.

Mahrukh Imtiaz: I agree. I agree. It’s, it’s one of the best organic platforms out there. I think it’s also like the one with the steepest learning curve, because whatever you learn in one week, it’s gone in three weeks, and you have to relearn everything. 

So that’s that’s been my experience. In terms of clarity. And next steps. We spoke about this earlier to like, as an entrepreneur, you’re constantly like, Am I making the right moves? What’s my next move? So how do you have that clarity on what’s your next move?

Jatin Naran: I just went with the flow. I, I live in the present. Because if I’m always thinking about the future, the future the future? See, I always used to try and set goals, I do still set goals. But I kind of I don’t know, it’s very controversial now in my mind of setting goals, because I feel like when you have a goal you want to reach, yes, it’s good. You want to reach that certain goal. 

But two things. One, you won’t be grateful for what you have right now, just because you’re looking at that goal. And number two, you’re just constantly pressured of how Oh, should I need to reach this goal within this time limit? Or should I need to reach I don’t, my formula is where I need to reach, I need to reach that goal. So it kind of gives me that pressure. 

And I just don’t like that. So in my head, I know I want to reach this number within this year. But although have a written as well, it’s something I’m not going to give the best advice on. But it’s a controversial thing in my head right now is also I’m not really clear. 

So again, coming back to the question of how I make sure how to take the next step, I just live in the present. And I just try and focus on what’s working, try and adapt to the change, because adapting to change is one of the biggest things I learned. 

That’s what made me grown my tick tock, and I spoke about that in my YouTube video as well, which was that many people will start doing the conversation type videos. And I was just thinking in my head that you know, I’m not going to do that, because I’m going to grow it using my way and the way I want to do it. 

And there were two things I was doing. I was not getting out of my comfort zone. And secondly, I was not adapting to the change. So the way I learned again, so you know how I said that? How will I be present in 10 years time from now? How will I be popular? And the answer to that question of mine is that adapting to the change. 

So keep adapting where it’s coming new, start doing it, start getting involved in it. And that’s the way you can kind of keep your brain going and up and up and up. So that’s the answer to my fear as well. So I kind of don’t get that scared of that fear. But yeah, hope that answers the question.

Mahrukh Imtiaz: No, it definitely does. And you spoke so well about like two systems versus the goals argument, right? Like if you have the right systems and habits, then the goals they’ll eventually happen. But you’re right, the goal is more like okay, 

I’ll achieve this in six months. And you know what, maybe in six months, you could take a completely different route. You know, I mean, that happened to you maybe the goals you have for 2021 They don’t even exist anymore, because different things happen. 

Now you’re like, actually, I’m going to try this. So I totally agree. It’s a systems that matter. For at least for me, people might disagree, but at least for me, IT systems matter more than the goal

Jatin Naran: No, for sure, for sure. And having a goal for two months. People think 12 months is short, but it’s definitely so long, even 30 days, setting a goal for 30 days. And if you can meet that goal, I clap for you because even doing something for 30 days consistently to meet your goal is outstanding. It’s amazing. 

But like last year, we all had so many goals. They were all destroyed by Coronavirus who knows what’s going to happen in the middle of this year. So that’s why I kind of say it’s a controversial thing. I still believe in ghosts. I still said them. I still want to achieve them. But if I don’t achieve them, it’s fine. Have I worked enough to achieve them? Perfect? That’s kinda Yeah.

Mahrukh Imtiaz: Yes, that makes sense. And you did mention earlier that you’re mostly solo, but you do have a couple of people that are helping you. So my question is around when did you know that you needed help? And who was the first person you felt that you want to higher up like name, but in terms of the position?

Jatin Naran: Definitely. So for me, it was alone in content. So what was the thing which was taking most of my time, which I can delegate, if you want to expand, then you have to delegate the task or things to people, which your which takes time, so much of your basically watch or something. 

So my was editing, it took me three hours to edit 110 minute or something video, and that’s a lot of time. So I’m like, it doesn’t matter. If I have to pay, I will pay. And I got myself editor around four months ago now. So he’s one person, I have an amazing person, he’s just 18. 

And he edits videos like a boss, it’s too quick. As soon as I send it to him, he gets it on time, or even way before he one time as well. So that’s one person. And other people. It’s just me freelancing. Like for example, Fiverr is the place where I get people to sometimes design means certain things, if I want to get something done. Other than that, I don’t have a big team. For now. I don’t think I need one. 

But eventually, the next person I need is a PA, I would say, or a virtual assistant, or someone who can basically go through my emails or certain things because that takes a lot of my time, and gives me a lot of mental headache. In terms of like, okay,

I need to make sure I need to put this in my calendar this in my calendar, like, for example, I have a bad habit of forgetting what I have in my calendar. So this conversation, I had to make sure I remember that I need to be. So I think the next person I need to invest in is definitely a PA.

Mahrukh Imtiaz: That makes sense. And how did you get over that mindset? Because there’s people that I speak to that they’re like, you know, what, until I’m making a lot of money, I don’t want to invest back in my business, like, you know, that’s the whole mindset of like, no, no profit first, you know, that book to have, it doesn’t get over that mindset.

Jatin Naran: This is a question which I have faced in real life or not face. But I’ve gone through a phase which has kind of helped me learn this lesson in my life, which was that I got myself a kind of office where I went, but I don’t know if you remember, 

I got myself office, and I was just making content and everything. And I was two months in Atlanta, I started to think Holy damn, I need to make this much to afford the rent for this job for this and this and that, I got the fear of Damn, how will I make money? 

You probably heard this, that where you focus on expands, and what you focus on will happen, right? So that’s what really happened. I started thinking of how will I make money? How will I make money? How will I make money, and I never made any money. Once I left that place. And I came back to my roots of basically recording things from here,

I kind of realized that I wasn’t making enough money was mainly because of the way I was thinking. And so when you think about you will not make money. If you think or you won’t be able to pay your PA you won’t be able to pay editor, you won’t be able to it just the law of the universe that the law of attraction just doesn’t work like that. 

And so for me now, whenever I need to pay my editor or pay for my car, my monthly expenses are double of what I had before. Do I afford it? Yes, I can afford it, will I be able to afford it every single month 100%. I believe in myself, if you believe in yourself, the way that law of attraction of the Universe works is that it will throw you money. 

Just make sure you believe in yourself. And yes, there can be a month or two when you don’t make enough money. And that’s when you need to make sure you have saved up some money from the past month or this and that which you can pay them. And the way I evolved my mindset coming back to your question was that if I need to grow, I need to have someone. And there’s a thing like all of us have 24 hours. 

But once you have another person, then you have 48 hours, once you have another person, then you have more hours in your like your own day, you kind of basically increase the amount of hours you have. So that’s when when you hire someone, you’re hiring their time. And that’s how you expand if you want to expand. So that’s, yeah

Mahrukh Imtiaz: And that’s extremely powerful. It reminded me of an Oprah video I just saw like she benefits a lot, right? And she was saying how you can just manifest and think about it. You almost have to manifest and let it go. 

Like it’s literally the same thing you said it’s like you know, I think about it and that’s it and then I put it away and I just believe she says the universe will will make it work for me. It’s like you can’t overthink it. You can just be like well I’ve done this now what now so that that’s extremely powerful. That was even like that was impactful for me to listen to as well because I think it’s important.

Jatin Naran:  Yeah, and the thing is, it’s not easy because when you’re new or when you’re first time trying to hire someone, you will always give thought of like all the time how will I make sure I pay him and you will start thinking of six months from now we will start thinking of 12 months for now. Just don’t believe in yourself. 

You will keep growing you will keep earning more. You will keep smashing everything and everything will work out without Any problem just don’t doubt yourself.

Mahrukh Imtiaz: I love that and in terms of like people who who’ve been helping you, you mentioned that editor and the next person will be virtual assistant. But aside from that, what were some like, I would say your top three resources or top three, two answers for people that you follow that you felt really helped you along the way.

Jatin Naran:  That’s, do they ever watch anyone? Definitely watch many YouTubers. There’s an interesting part. I make videos about finance by no watch any finance YouTubers. It’s really, really interesting. But obviously, I do watch them every now and then. 

But it’s more people like I don’t know if you know KSI he’s a British YouTuber. He fought Logan Paul. I don’t know if you know, he’s an American YouTuber. Yes, yes. So he fought him. And so I watched videos which are entertaining and everything. But the person who really had an impact little bit off in my life was Alia to I don’t know if you watch him, but he’s also a youtuber with over 1 million followers. He’s a productivity slash money slash lifestyle type YouTuber.

And there’s many things I learned off him. So he’s a must check out channel because there’s a lot of things to learn from him. And just the way he kind of manages his time I learned a lot from him like the Newton’s law. Well, he calls it the Newton’s law. I don’t know if it’s actually the Newton’s law, but simply means that when you want to get something done, you always procrastinate. 

But the way you overcome that is that you tell yourself that you will do it for five minutes. Once you start doing it, you get into the momentum, and then you carry on doing the tasks. So small tips and tricks like that. Definitely one person who was him and other people mostly influences who influenced me was tick tock is like poker banks who started I think, a while before me, I was inspired by him to do what I’m doing right now. 

Then, people like Mark Tilbury, but I think Martin really started when I started as well. Once he became big, it was kind of like a thing for me to look up and be like, Okay, I need to reach there as well, one day. So those are the kinds of people but there wasn’t really a specific person, except obviously, the God Himself, Gary Vee. 

He was definitely one of the biggest influences from me from the start till today. He’s the only person I guess he’s going to stick with me throughout my journey, and I’ll always keep watching him. So that’s one guy.

Mahrukh Imtiaz: I think 100% 100% I’m just like, Okay, I don’t even know how I can ever repay Gary Vaynerchuk back I think everything even I have done today’s him. I actually like the first thing I do when I wake up as I listened to him on my Alexa, it’s like, is that voice it’s positivity. I love that

Jatin Naran: Positivity, authentic, just giving so much value without expecting anything back in return nothing, just go everywhere, speak, speak, speak, speak. That’s just love watching him.

Mahrukh Imtiaz: I agree. I agree. And you know, people, mostly listening to this are people who have not either started creating content, or people who are just starting and not getting a lot of traction. So if you could step into my shoes, is there something that you would have asked yourself that I didn’t, that you think is important for them to listen to

Jatin Naran:  So one thing, if I was in their shoes, is that if you’re already making content, or if you haven’t, okay, I’ll say if you haven’t started making content, then ask yourself, why haven’t you started? If you want to do that, why haven’t you started? Is it because of other people’s opinion? Is it because you don’t have the camera? If you don’t have the lights? Who is it? 

And I will guarantee you, you probably know the answer to that. But you’re just not starting, maybe because you just want to not show your face on social media or something. But I’m telling you if you want to become a content creator, and if you, if you have that fire in you just go for it, no matter what type of camera you have, just go for it. 

And if you’re a person who’s already creating content, but getting no kind of attraction, and you’re not getting any type of followers or views, then I would just say look into what other people are doing and what’s working for them. 

Have you made those changes, if you made those changes, if it’s still not working, then maybe look into the energy you’re putting out in the videos, maybe look into the lights, maybe look into the way you’re putting up the videos, there will always be certain things you can catch, and you can change and you will eventually figure out some things will work, something won’t work, the things which work, try and do more of that. 

And that’s the way you will kind of grow with people. And you will just keep going and going. And I guess people will always see your authenticity. So if you can be authentic, just try and be authentic. And if you have a great personality or even if you don’t people who just fall in love with your content, and they will give proper follow for you.

Mahrukh Imtiaz: I love that I agree. And today we’ve talked about mindsets. You’ve heard your journey. We’ve talked about law of attraction burnouts, honestly hiring people, so it’s been amazing. So before I get into our final question, I want to ask Where can people connect with you online?

Jatin Naran: So as you already mentioned, I’m on Tik Tok is jatinnaran my Instagram. Again the same username jatiannaran. My YouTube is jatznaran these are three social media platforms I’m most active on on. And so just come say hello to me on Instagram. Hopefully I get back to your DM because I’m very bad at DMS.

Mahrukh Imtiaz: Working on that right. I’m working on that. That’s amazing. Awesome. I guess this is my final question. What is one thing you wish you knew before you started on Tik Tok and YouTube.

Jatin Naran: So one thing I wish I knew when I started on tick tock is that, in the pure honest, there is not one thing I expected myself to know, because I was just starting off, but from now going back is look at from other people’s eye on your own content and see if you would watch your own content. If the answer is no, don’t post it or don’t don’t do it for the sake of just posting a video to just show that you’re consistent. 

Just don’t do that and try and see in a way that you’re not biased that okay, yeah, this sounds good to me. Sometimes you may be wrong, sometimes what you don’t like might be something which will work. But you just have to try and look at the video and be like, Okay, this does look good. And I’ll just post it. So that’s kind of one thing and try and start investing. 

Once you start getting a few subscribers or few followers, like in terms of one bring light, it can make a huge difference. People say using your camera is amazing. And I believe that if you have an iPhone, yes, if you have another phone, 

I don’t know. I think Samsung to iPhone five, but later on, start investing in better equipments, and it will just it will help you grow. I just changed from my phone to this camera for Tik Tok. And you can see the results from where I went. So that’s the one thing I would kind of tell myself to do from the start.

Mahrukh Imtiaz: I love that. No thank you for that. As I said, like we’ve talked about mindsets, laws, and it’s just so important for people to listen to when they’re starting off and what it takes and what it needs and that everyone has it within themselves. 

It’s just kind of that belief that they need. So if you are listening today and if there’s anything that jazz has said that has inspired you, please go give this podcast a follow and share this because I do believe other content creators need to listen to this. 

And thank you so much for being here today. Jax again, this was a great conversation. I have personally learned a lot especially from that manifestation conversation. So thank you, thank you for being here.

Jatin Naran: No problem at all. And thank you for having me as well. I’m glad I was able to share many things with you guys and what was listening. Thank you for listening as well.

Mahrukh Imtiaz: 100% Yeah, thank you so much for listening. And until next week, you got this beautiful. 

Jatin Naran: Perfect!

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