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I am here to help make podcasting easier, more fun, and less stressful for you

You have the knowledge and you want to share it with the world, but you…


You like your job, and while it’s not unfulfilling, you get a lot more enjoyment out of helping people with their problems. You want to take that impact to the next level, but fear has kept you from sharing your knowledge with more people for far too long.


Even if you finally do take the leap of faith, you are terrified of not creating content “right”, or of saying the “wrong things” and losing whatever little audience you have managed to build up. This keeps you from diving fully into content creation because you are afraid to put yourself out there.


There’s a fear that comes with the idea of trying to make a change in the lives of strangers. But this, like everything else, is a mental block keeping you from reaching the heights you know you are destined for. The answer is to ask yourself “why SHOULDN’T I try to expand my reach and be a podcaster?”

Spicy Chai

Spicy Chai is a podcast for people who already have the skills and knowledge to impact people’s lives but let their fears get in the way of producing content. If you are just starting your content creation journey or haven’t started yet – then this podcast is for you. This podcast is not going to showcase a bunch of high-profile individuals, spouting hollow advice like “find your passion” or “hustle harder”. Instead my mission is to bring in guests that will be relatable to you. They are people who are just a bit ahead of you on the content creation journey.They know the struggle, they’re often still in the struggle, and they’re here to help you on your own path. My hope is that hearing their stories will inspire you to put your OWN voice out there.

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