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S1-EP022: Everything you need to know about Voice Technology with Dr. Teri Fisher

“Instead of us having to learn skills and adapt to the way a computer works , the keyboard, mouse or touch screen, The computers are now learning how we communicate.”

Dr. Teri Fisher

#022 – In this episode, I have a conversation with Teri who is an expert with everything voice technology (Amazon Alexa, Siri, Google Home etc.)

Teri and I chat about the importance of voice technology and why new creators should hop onto this opportunity now. Teri talks about how he landed his first paid speaking opportunity – he shares details that you can use if you want to become a paid speaker and the three steps people can use to optimize their content.

Hope you enjoy the episode!

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Highlights from this episode: 

[4:38] Common myth about voice technology
[10:04] Can Tiktokers upload their videos as flash briefings?
[12:57] What are some fears you had when you started?
[16:32] How do you get clarity on your next step?
[21:47] First speaking opportunity

Connect with Dr. Teri: 


A little bit about Dr.Teri Fisher:

Dr. Teri Fisher started in 2017 with his Alexa in Canada podcasts where he documented his journey learning about Alexa. He is a keynote speaker ,a podcaster, an author, educator, performer, and leading authority on all things voice technology. His social media presence has – (just to name a few platforms) 3000+ on twitter, 1000+ on instagram, 6000 followers on clubhouse. He does this while maintaining his day job as a Sports and Exercise Physician. And he is a husband and father – WOW!

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