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Simran Kapoor

S1-EP014: Don’t doubt your Talent, Doubt your Work Ethics with Simran Kapoor_Part 2

“It’s like we know if we are having fun, then people watching our stuff will also have fun”

Simran Kapoor

#014 – In this episode, Simran and I discuss the steps Simran has taken to start her clothing line.  We talk through the highs and lows of creating content on Youtube and one piece of advice she has.

Enjoy the episode!

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Highlights from this episode: 

[1:00] Good advice and bad advice received
[4:45] Steps  to start a clothing line
[14:32] How has Youtube helped you?
[16:00] What skills do you need to excel now to get to the next level?
[17:32] What has posting on Youtube taught you about yourself?

Connect with Simran: 


A little bit about Simran:

Simran’s a Youtube star on the rise with a growing following – she’s also currently a full time student studying theatre production and working on opening her own clothing line. Aside from that, she’s an avid photographer and a cricketer! Talk about multi-talented.

Lets Connect

Consider me one of your close friends – the kind that’s in your corner giving advice, but it’s still ultimately up to you if you follow it or not. That said, I’m here to stay – cheering and supporting you no matter what path you choose.

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