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Sidhant Kisshor

S1-EP 005: Your Unfair Advantage with Sidhant Kisshor – Part 1

“If you must work extremely hard just to initiate something, you are too attached to the result”.

Sidhant Kisshor

#005 – In this episode, Sidhant and I discuss his journey to creating content on instagram where he has 35000 followers+.  We talk through understanding when one can take the leap to go full time and how to dig into the real reason why one is creating content (and why that is important to figure out).

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Highlights from this episode: 

[4:00] Sidhant: I paved my path for software engineering in college.
[9:03] How Sidhant started with content creation.
[10:55] How does one make the transition to full-time entrepreneurship through content creation?
[11:43] Don’t transition based on money
[12:31] Self-Awareness
[14:00]How do you know if they are actually doing this because you enjoy it?
[19:50] What skills do you need to get started on Instagram

Connect with Sidhant: 


A little bit about the guest:

Sidhant currently has 35,000 followers+ over all his platforms and is a key business and transformational coach that helps people find meaning in the work they do. He is a college dropout who has had the courage to take the unconventional route.

Resources mentioned:
The Nuclear Effect by Scott Oldford
The 5 second Rule by Mel Robbins

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