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S1-EP004: How to get past “this is NOT GOOD ENOUGH” with Maryam Fazal Feb 23 Written By Mahrukh Imtiaz

“I am a work in progress, but that does not mean that I am not happy with what I do, I am very proud of the content I put out there because I know how much work I put in it. I won’t let one bad video dictate my happiness.”

Maryam Fazal

#004 – In this episode, Maryam and I discuss how we can keep ourselves motivated when the views are low. We discuss how to stay active on social media. Moreover, we delve into the importance of asking the right people for feedback. Additionally, we explore how confidence comes from doing.

Hope you enjoy the episode!

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Highlights from this episode: 

[2:31] Maryam: I always had a strong interest in makeup, but I wasn’t very good at it
[5:10] Dealing with doubts
[7:00] Maryam: I realized that equipment was not the only thing I needed
[7:45] How to get past self-criticism
[8:30] I am a work in progress
[10:56] Keeping yourself motivated when the views are low
[15:16] How to take yourself to the new level
[19:21] Things you don’t like about being a make-up content creator
[24:01] Asking feedback from the right people

Connect with Maryam: 

A bit about Maryam:

Maryam’s blog has been featured on Sephora TWICE. Additionally, Maryam runs a makeup page on Instagram on the side, while also being a full-time marketing professional. Furthermore, she is currently in the process of launching her own fake eyelashes company – Lashier.

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