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Dennis Geelen

S2-EP016:Author’s Corner: Insider Tips for Writing and Publishing Your Book with Dennis Geelen. Part-2

In this Rapid fire episode, Dennis shares his writing process, from getting the first draft done to hiring a professional editor. With two best-selling books under his belt, Dennis shares his trials and tribulations on the path to success and offers up some fantastic advice to help aspiring writers avoid common pitfalls and reach their own goals.

This is a mini-episode with Dennis Geelen where he answers quick questions:

  1. One piece of advice you would have for creators writing their first book
  2. What’s one thing you wish you had known when you started writing your first book?
  3. What is the one common myth about being an author that you want to debunk?
  4. What are 1,2,3 mistakes You wish you had avoided as a first-time author?
  5. What are the best resources that have helped you along the way on your journey as an author?
  6. What is something people spend too much time on that they should skip entirely when writing a book?


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