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Hassan Hodges

S1-EP021: Why Quantity matters more than Quality with Hassan Hodges

“Nobody cares about how you are doing it – they care about what they see”

Hassan Hodges

#021 – In this episode, Hassan and I discuss the importance of volume when it comes to content.  We talk through how to prioritize, how focus can be your friend, and some common myths about photographers.

Enjoy the episode!

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Highlights from this episode: 

[3:38] The online and offline relationships social media creates
[6:30] Dealing with Inadequacy
[11:20] Why is volume important?
[13:45] Importance of focusing on a few platforms when starting
[21:43] Myths about photography
[26:29] Advice Hassan would give to his younger self

Connect with Hassan:

A little bit about Hassan:
Hassan is a professional photographer, and a software consultant. He’s building an app, and in the middle of writing a memoir all along with also being a parent, husband and a content creator online. He has 1700 followers on twitter, and over 2000+ on Facebook and Instagram combined! Talk about juggling many things at once.

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