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Ateeb Khan

S1-EP 010: The REAL truth about being a TIKTOK creator with Ateeb Khan – Part 2

“I can always talk about hate and other people not judging me BUT it starts with me not judging other people first”

Ateeb Khan

#010 – In this episode, Ateeb and I discuss the advantages of creating on Tiktok.  We talk through action vs consumption, cancel culture and fear of success.

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Highlights from this episode: 
[2:00] What has Tiktok done for you?
[6:50] How to stop consuming and start taking action
[8:30] How to remain consistent
[10:43] The stress of being a content creator on Tiktok
[18:54] Fear of success
[23:45] One piece of advice Ateeb would give to his younger self

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A little bit about Ateeb:

Ateeb has consistently pushed himself out of his comfort zone. He left a long term toxic relationship, moved to 2 different provinces, started a clothing line, and started a personal brand online ALL in the middle of the pandemic. He is following his dreams and has now built an online following of over 25,000 followers on Tiktok alone in the last 12 months.

Resources mentioned:
Garyvee Podcast
Naval Ravnikant with Joe Rogan Episode
The Tim Ferris Show

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