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S1-EP016: How to get over Wanting your Post to be Perfect with Matthew Lee Burgess_Part 2

“I can’t add value to people until I put something out there”

Matthew Lee Burgess

#016 – In this episode, Matthew and I discuss what has helped Matt get over his fears of content creation despite being an introvert.  We talk about why podcasting is the route Matt took and what does putting his story out in the world mean to Matt.

Enjoy the episode!

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Highlights from this episode: 

[1:50] Mahrukh: What helped you get to the stage of being able to feel the fears and I will do it anyway
[5:00] Why podcasting?
[12:05] Challenges with being a food blogger/podcaster
[16:14] What does putting your story out of the world mean to you?

Connect with Matthew: 


A little bit about Matt:

Matt Burgess, “Chef Matt” is a former baker, cook, and pastry chef has his sights set on one clear mission, helping aspiring bakers and pastry chefs improve their skills without taking on a lifetime of debt.  With backgrounds in cooking, pastry, design, and customer service he works in each moment to distill his experience as pastry chef into digestible pieces of information.

Resources mentioned:
Tools of Titans
Pat Flynn
Amy Porterfield

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