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S2-EP003: Ghost Writing, Blogging, and Keeping the Passion Alive in Writing with Sophia Woods

“Writing is like a competitive sport and, you don’t go into that without warming up” Sophia Woods


S2-EP#003 – In this episode, Sophia and I discuss how she developed her passion for writing, her experience as a ghost writer, and how she keeps the love of writing alive.

So, grab a cup of spicy chai and enjoy the episode!Have a question/comment? DM me on Instagram @mahrukh.m.imtiaz

Highlights from this episode: 

[3:13] Where did that love of writing come from?
[4:20] How did writing help you become a blogger ?
[11:51] What did you do when your usual daily routine wasn’t helpful?
[19:28] What is a ghostwriter and what does that career look like?
[29:19] What opportunities have opened up now that you’re blogging

Connect with Sophia Woods: 


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