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S2-EP001: Entrepreneurship, Energy, And Intuition w/ Jatin Naran

“Keep adapting. Whatever is coming new, start doing it, start getting involved in it, that’s the way you can keep your brand going up and up and up”

Jatin Naran 

S2-EP#001 – When I recorded this episode, Jatin had 70,000 TikTok followers. Today, he has over a Million TikTok followers! Talk about growth!

In this episode, Jatin and I talk about his experience being a creator while handling a 9-5, his experience with monetization on Tiktok and how he chooses to continuously invest in himself and his business, despite his fears.

So, grab a cup of spicy chai and enjoy the episode!

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Highlights from this episode: 

[5:20] How is hustling tougher than corporate?
[8:00] What does a burnout look like for you?
[11:15] How do you deal with anxiety, do you have a support system?
[12:33] What were some of your fears that you had  when you started?
[24:15] What ARE THE 20% of the things that have given you 80 % of results ?
[25:01] What was your first monetization opportunity from Tiktok?
[31:50] How did you get over the mindset and learn to invest in your business?

Connect with Jatin: 

Podcast on Spotify

A little bit about Jatin:

Jatin started as a creator on Tiktok while managing his 9-5. Today, he is a six figure business owner. He is active on Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok and runs a podcast, while running an online business.

Resources mentioned
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Books: ‘Rich dad poor dad’ Book by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter   

Tim Ferriss: Tools of titans

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