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S1-EP 011: The Secret formula to start creating content with Uthumi Senanayake – Part 1

“My why is that I want to do this for myself and forget everyone else’s comments. I think that will help with anything in life.”

Uthumi Senanayake

#011 – In this episode, Uthumi and I discuss what helped Uthumi get started with blogging.  We talk through fears of creating content and the advice you get throughout the journey.

Hope you enjoy the episode!

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Highlights from this episode: 

[1:49] What got you started with content creation?
[2:57] What fears were you facing when you started?
[9:35] Dealing with challenges that come your way when you publish online
[13:11] Good and bad advice Uthumi’s received

Connect with Uthumi: 


A little bit about Uthumi:

Uthumi is a high achieving corporate woman who rose up the ranks extremely quickly and is in a leadership position at a very young age. From day one, she has followed the South Asian woman timeline – go to school, graduate from university, get a job, and get married. She would like the most unorthodox thing she does to be more than wanting to become a mother in her late 30s. To break herself from this narrative, she ventured into content creation where she publishes about her dating experiences.

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