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S1-EP028: How to get started on social media if you want to be a fitness influencer with Craig Daigle

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“The most powerful words are the ones that you speak to yourself”

Craig Daigle 

#028 – In this episode, I talk to; Craig, a creator who’s lost a 100 pounds, got out of a toxic relationship and then started using the power of content to help others with their fitness journeys. If you are thinking about starting your journey online as a fitness influencer, then listen to this episode.

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Highlights from this episode: 

[0:35] What’s your story?What got you started?
[9:27] How did you know the next step was trying the online space?
[15:57] How can new content creators make sure that they stay authentic?
[25:29] What are some of the skills you  learnt just by posting consistently 
[33:01] What were some of the metrics you used
[39:11] What are some things that you don’t like about content creation?
[43:44] What would you want written on a billboard?

Connect with Craig: 


A little bit about Craig:
Craig has lost over 130+ lbs, and is a dedicated life coach with over 100s of paying clients. He also has a community of fitness and health coaches, and is a successful speaker. He also currently has over 3000+ followers on Instagram.

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Episode Transcript