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S1-EP026: Combating the ‘likes-chasing’ Mindset, Learning about Trolls in Disguise, and Preventing Burnout as Creators with Mrs. A. Grace Martin

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“Nobody is ever going to show you your worth but yourself”

Mrs. A. Grace Martin

#026 – In this episode, A Grace Martin and I discuss how to combat the ‘likes-chasing’ Mindset. We discuss trolls and I learnt about trolls in disguise, and then we get into preventing burnout as creators.

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Highlights from this episode: 

[5:21] What got you started on TikTok?
[6:45] How did you deal with the traction? 
[8:43] How to combat the ‘likes-chasing’ Mindset?
[14:47] How did you figure out your niche? 
[20:58] What were your fears when you first started?
[25:26]  Has creating content on TikTok been worth your time?
[28:55] What advice would you give to content creators to prevent burnout?

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A little bit about Mrs. A. Grace Martin:

Mrs. A. Grace Martin is an author, mom, and teacher. She is the author of the children’s fantasy novel, “Spirit Rider,” the upcoming YA fiction novel, “If You Only Knew,” the self help ebook, “My Physics Teacher Said: 10 Ways To Think Smarter and Live Better,” and the creator of the online course, “Essential Self Care.” Essential Self Care online course is specifically for teachers and educational entrepreneurs. She teaches high school physics full time, continues writing, balances home life and is now a mom of two. For inspiration and self-help advice, you can follow her on TikTok and Instagram @Mrs A Grace Martin.

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