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Inside the Mind of a Best-Selling Author: The Highs and Lows of Writing a Book with Erin Baker

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Best selling author, Erin shares their journey of writing a book. From debunking common myths about being an author to discussing the best and worst parts of the writing process. Erin also shares their favorite and least favorite parts of the book and the moment that made it all worthwhile.

This is a mini-episode with Erin Baker where they answer quick questions:

1. One common myth about being an author that you want to debunk?
2. Favorite part of the book?
3. What is something people spent too much time on while writing a book that you really think they should have skipped entirely?
4. Worst thing about being an author
5. The best moment while writing the book


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Episode Transcript

Mahrukh Imtiaz 0:00
Welcome to the Spicy Chai Podcast. I’m Mahrukh Imtiaz. I host this podcast and still work a successful and fulfilling nine-to-five. My guests are content creators just a bit ahead of you, you will hear about their struggles and then learn from their mistakes so that you can avoid making them grab a cup of Spicy Chai. And let’s get started. So this is rapid fire. Okay. Your favorite part of the book?

It was an all y’all IT sabotage. your least favorite part of the book? You know what, what is joy anyway, for some reason came up. Really? Yeah.

Mahrukh Imtiaz
What is one common myth about being an author that you want to debunk

that being an author means you actually have to write the book?

Mahrukh Imtiaz
Oh, I love that so much.What is something people spent too much time on while writing a book that you really think they should skipped entirely?

Figuring out who their external reader is? Write the book you need? Oh, I love that best thing about being an author. Having people read the book and have these really wild insights and having every person have something different. They’re taking away some people love the beginning of the book. Some people love the end of the book. Some people love the middle.

Mahrukh Imtiaz
Love it. worst thing about being an author.

I will say for me right now it’s noticing all the typos in the book that many, many, many fine tooth combs are still there. My perfectionist hates it.

Mahrukh Imtiaz 1:18
I love it. I love it. And last question, your best moment from writing the book any moment that comes up for you? Well, while you were writing the book,

literally for me, it was pacing around my office writing the conversation about listen all y’all to sabotage. That conversation was game changing for us. So yes.

Mahrukh Imtiaz 1:40
I love it. Awesome. Thanks so much for doing that. You’re welcome. Well, beautiful. It is my hope that this podcast inspired you to create your own podcasts. Remember, you don’t have to quit your nine to five to do it. And if you found value in this podcast, you’re gonna love my free training video on how you can get started today. DM me the word Spicy Chai on LinkedIn and I’ll send it over to you until then lots of love from your favorite you got this beautiful