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S2-EP003: Ghost Writing, Blogging, and Keeping the Passion Alive in Writing with Sophia Woods

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Copywriting, ghost writing, and social media writing demands are increasing. In this episode, Sophia and I discuss how she developed her passion for writing, her experience as a ghost writer, and how she keeps the love of writing alive.  

So, grab a cup of spicy chai and enjoy the episode!Have a question/comment? DM me on Instagram @mahrukh.m.imtiaz 

“Writing is like a competitive sport and, you don’t go into that without warming up”

Sophia Woods

Highlights from this episode: 

[3:13] Where did that love of writing come from?
[4:20] How did writing help you become a blogger ?
[11:51] What did you do when your usual daily routine wasn’t helpful?
[19:28] What is a ghostwriter and what does that career look like?
[29:19] What opportunities have opened up now that you’re blogging 

Connect with Sophia Woods: 


A little bit about Sophia:

Sophia is passionate about harnessing the power of technology to empower communities to conserve and sustainably manage their land. She has followed this passion down several avenues, from entrepreneurship to investment and large-scale conservation management, including projects that span Africa, Latin America, and the South Pacific.
Today, at Friends of Wallacea, she works alongside research organization Operation Wallacea to develop and implement best practices in wildlife tourism for indigenous communities that live near or within biodiversity hotspots. These communities protect up to 80% of the world’s remaining biodiversity but are rarely given the resources to do so effectively. We correct that inefficiency by boosting local incomes through novel wildlife tours offered to a global audience.
She is also advancing conservation efforts by collaborating with the Amazon Investor Coalition, a collaboration between investors, philanthropies, governments, non-profits and allies to increase forest-friendly economic development across the Amazon region. With AIC, she is in charge of our ecotourism development strategy as one of several pillars designed to protect the Amazon from deforestation before it is too late.
Before all of this work, she was a ghostwriter for a number of Latin American venture capitalists and entrepreneurs, where my work was published in Forbes, Entrepreneur, TechCrunch, Crunchbase News, The Next Web, and other technical publications, as well as Latin American media. I also co-founded LatAm List, an English-language Latin American tech media site created to be the TechCrunch for the region, while working as a Principal at seed-stage VC, Magma Partners, based in Santiago, Chile.
From June-August, she can be found leading biodiversity research expeditions in the Ecuadorian Amazon, though she lives full-time in Mexico City. When she’s not in the jungle, she loves hiking, dancing salsa, and writing.

Episode Transcript

Transcript coming soon