This is not a sales call

I will not be pitching or selling anything. You really just get free coaching in exchange for a bit of your time.

If you’re considering my coaching services then this is a great way to see what coaching with me is like. Just let me know at the end of the session if you’d like to chat about my services and we’ll schedule a follow up discovery session.

Are you liking my free content? Would you like some free, honest, podcast coaching? Whether you are someone considering starting a podcast or someone who has a podcast but wants to learn how to grow and monetize it.

All I ask for in return is an opportunity to interview you for marketing research as I am creating a podcast course. I have a goal to interview 250 side-hustlers, solopreneurs & online coaches who want to start a podcast and 250 side-hustlers, solopreneurs & online coaches who already have a podcast but want to learn how to grow and monetize it.

Starting a new Podcast research:

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Growing and Monetizing an existing Podcast:

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I hired Mahrukh to help me with my existing podcast and I can't recommend her enough! As a listener of her Spicy Chai podcast, I could tell that she had done the work to create a successful podcast herself. As a coach, she brings strategy, tactics, and best practices to each coaching session with specific opportunities. And, she also works to ensure that what is recommended resonates with me. If you are ready to launch your own podcast, or are ready to scale and improve what you already have, I recommend you reach out to Mahrukh.

Aneta Ardelian Kuzma
Life/Health/Executive Coach

What To Expect During Your Free Coaching Session:

In the research interview, I’ll ask you questions about your podcast goals and journey. This often brings to the surface things that I can share my thoughts on to help you start your podcast or learn how to leverage your podcast for other goals.

You can also ask me anything you’d like related to authentic podcast marketing, respectful selling and/ or my personal experience in the online business/ side-hustle/coaching industry.


We’ll meet for 30 minutes on Zoom and the time will be split in half. 15 minutes for the marketing research interview and 15 minutes of coaching for you.


If you’ve been on Social Media for a while, you know the importance of a Podcast. I came in not knowing a lot about podcast but wanted to make a bigger impact on the world, and Mahrukh was the perfect person to go through that journey with.
Mahrukh customizes the sessions based on your needs and not only covers the technical aspects of podcasts but works with you to uncover any mindset blocks. It’s easy to communicate with Mahrukh, she’s very professional and definitely goes above and beyond in every session! It's also worth noting Mahrukh genuinely cares and goes above and beyond in the incremental value she adds. To name a few things, I received complimentary sessions and regular check-ins.
Would definitely recommend Mahrukh to anyone looking for high quality 1-1 podcast coaching!

Ajita Shah
Founder | Connecting Mind Soul | Holistic Psychologist

Apply For A Podcast Research Conversation (Starting a Podcast)

Apply For A Podcast Research Conversation (Growing a Podcast)