Mahrukh Imtiaz


Tools, Books, and Resources that help me juggle a corporate job, cricket training, and life as a content creator

FULL DISCLOSURE: Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that when you click the link to purchase, it may give me a commission with no extra cost to you. Which is pretty awesome since I was fully planning on sharing these with you anyway.

Tools that make my life easier


The absolute best platform to use to launch and grow your podcast/show. If you host your podcast with Buzzsprout from the get go, then you’re in a golden spot. We love Buzzsprout for its ease of use, product-centric ethos, devotion to podcasters, and concentration on the fundamental features that actually matter versus crazy bells and whistles that most podcasters don’t really need.


Before Squadcast, I was drowning in a sea of glitchy audio and poor user experience. Now, I’m spoiled with high quality sound, an intuitive tool, and great support if I need help. For interviews, SquadCast is an amazing web-based interview platform that makes it SUPER simple to record the highest quality audio over the Internet. It is the all-in-one solution for professional podcasters.


One of my favorite project management tools. If you are a bit of an organization nerd and if you want to visualize see everything on your plate and be able to drag and drop with ease, then this tool is for you. Trello is the fun, flexible, and free way to organize plans, projects and more. Teams work better together with Trello. It’s a way of working together. Start with a Trello board, lists, and cards.

Books that made me better


By Glennon Doyle


By Carol Dweck

Tools of Titans

By Tim Ferris

Podcast equipment that makes me sound professional without breaking the bank

Samson Q2U Mic

Here's what I love about it: Great value (under $100 on Amazon with accessories), and it plugs in to your computer via USB (no extras needed)

Mic Pop Filter

This pop filter will remove all the annoying background noises and the extra noises that your mic isn’t able to avoid. Totally worth the purchase for me

Microphone Suspension Boom Arm

This allows me to move my mic around and adjust as needed.

Random favorites

Waterproof Notepad

Not sure about you but I get all my brilliant ideas in the shower and this releases the anxiety of remembering them all.


If it weren’t for Audible, I wouldn’t have “read” around 25 books every year.


I absolutely hate grocery shopping so this has kind of saved my life.

Selfie Ring Light

As a creator, this is the bare minimum now. It really helps with your videos and takes it to the next level without much effort.

RXBAR Banana Chocolate Walnut, Protein Bar

My favorite protein bar.


My first ever Instagram post was about my Fitbit. And that was 350 posts ago. Fitbit has been the single constant and I love it.